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Throughout the world, Aloe Vera is familiar plant. It is probably one of the most discussed, but least understood medicinal plants in history. You may know it is Kumari, Korphad, Ghee Kanwar etc. And although this tropical plant looks like cactus, it actually belongs to the Lily garlic family!

There are over 300 known varieties of Aloe Vera but only 4-5 contains any medicinal properties. How would you be able to ever distinguish? Remember, if the product you are thinking of buying looks like water, smells like water and tastes like water, most likely you are buying mostly water.

The virtues of Aloe Vera have been recorded by many ancient civilizations, including those of Persia, Egypt, Greece, Italy, India, & Africa. From the time of Cleopatra to the more recent Mahatma Gandhi, has all sampled the goodness of nature’s silent healer.


We are the world’s largest grower, manufacturer and distributors of Aloe Vera, Aloe Vera based products and also the largest producers and distributors of the products of the bee hive. More than 70% of the world’s Aloe Vera requirement is met by us. 100% stabilized Aloe Gel is the principle ingredient in all our Aloe based products.

Our products are widely categorized into 3 sections – Health, Beauty and Nutrition.

They are Health Supplements to be taken as a supplement to your regular diet, so that the benefits of absorption and the natural digestion process of your body is facilitated, leaving no chance for ill health!

They are Beauty Products that are made from the best and purest ingredients, so that your skin can benefit from the natures best ingredients and keep you away from the nasty chemicals


They are Nutritional Supplements to be taken to enhance your food intake and provide you with the most potent nutrients that maximize the good food value you add to your diet.

All our products are made from natural ingredients with such high standards that we maintain the inherent properties of the original ingredients in them.


We value our distributors and consumers health the most. YOU are the most important person in our transaction. We value YOUR health and can always assure you of one consistency – superior products and high standards of manufacturing facilities.

FLP - Forever Living Products is a 2.5 Billion dollar sales company. We are the world’s largest grower, manufacturer and distributor of Aloe Vera and market its products in more than 158 countries through a marketing network of more than 11 million distributors worldwide.

Besides offering a wide range of high quality products, we also offer a unique low-risk, high potential business opportunity for enterprising individuals to develop their own business and achieve financial freedom through its unique Marketing Plan.

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